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Dialogic is a quarterly event series produced by Nicolette Stosur-Bassett and Anthena Gore.


Dialogic convenes thinkers, do-ers, and innovators across diverse industries and communities to discuss issues relevant to today's present and our collective future. Each event takes the form of a dinner party, hosted at a unique restaurant in Chicago.  Dialogue prompts are, in part, inspired by the systemic idiosyncracies observed in everyday life.



Past Events:

Future Organizations

Sept 20, 2017 | 6:30-8:30PM | Rickshaw Republic

Observing the failings of social, economic, and political constructs,  participants will envision organizational systems inspired by human beings in the 21st century.



"How can we structure new types of organizations to account for human complexity and achieve progress?"

"What agency do individuals have to realize this change?"


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